How to Dress to Impress Your Class

Do you feel dull in school? Do you want to impress your class and watch them ooh and ah every time you walk into class? Well, here is how to have all eyes on you! It also all depends on what kind of a girl you are. Goth, stylish, classic,schoolgirl etc. Here is how to dress to impress your class stylish style!


  1. Pick out a long, baggy, preferably black or a dark, solid color top at a local clothing store, very tight  jean leggings, short black boots, and a bright colored scarf. Penguin_shirts.jpg
  2. Buy them. Shopping_topic_image_Shoppers_on_Dundas_street,_Toronto.jpg
  3. Go home and try them on. Blue_top_and_leggings.jpg
  4. First, put the jean leggings on. Make sure there are no rips, tears, or flaws in the pants.
  5. Pull them up to your belly button.
  6. Now put on the shirt. Make sure it goes low,so it covers your bum.
  7. Put on the boots and make sure there are no ruffles and that they are not bent.
  8. Now put on the scarf. Scarf_soft.jpg
  9. Take the sides of the scarf and cross them at the back of your neck and bring it around. Then, you will see that the part on the front of your neck looks like it is wrapped around your neck tightly, pull that down.
  10. Now look at yourself in the mirror and make sure everything looks OK to your standards.
  11. Go to school and watch your class mate's mouth's drop.


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