How to Dress to Impress in School

Ever worry about starting at a new school and not being able to fit in? Here are a few tips on how to look good enough to express your individuality. Good luck.


  1. Stick to basics when it comes to make up, as you do not want to overdo it and make a bad impression. Try to stick to using a tinted moisturizer for a base instead of foundation; as too much can look fake and caked on. Experiment with your eyeshadow colours; pastel colours are great as they are very light and dainty. Too bright and you will look ridiculous. Only put on a couple coats of mascara on the eyelashes; for a bigger impact, use eyelash curlers before applying mascara. Then finish with a slick of neutral or baby pink lip gloss for a healthy sheen.Dress%20to%20Impress%20in%20School%20Step%201.jpg
  2. Do what you can to make the uniform look good. Clothes: as everyone has to wear a uniform, you're not alone at making it look good, as 9/10 times it's dull and unflattering. Try accessorizing with bangles, bracelets and rings -- as some times, most necklaces are considered unsuitable, as they are either too big or too flashy. Earrings are also good. But sticking to studs in school is the best idea. As the uniform is a still a little dull, try to un-button collars, roll up your sleeves to show off your bracelets and wear a different style of bottoms to suit your styles: e.g. if you like boyish styles go for loose baggy boyfriend trousers, if you are preppy and girly go for a short skirt with pleats and if you like a bit of both, then go for a tight-ish style trouser (not too tight though).Dress%20to%20Impress%20in%20School%20Step%202.jpg
  3. Put some thought into the bag you choose. Bags: For someone who carries nearly everything around with them, go for a cute individual back-pack which you can accessorize with badges, broaches and patches to suit your style. For that preppy, girly look go for a handbag style (not too small though). For that girl who is not sure what to go for, try a nice neat and individual satchel style bag (across the body bag), which will be big enough to fit your every day needs.Dress%20to%20Impress%20in%20School%20Step%203.jpg
  4. Have a purse that suits you. Purse: Everyone needs a purse of some kind in their bag, so try fitting these inside it: A compact mirror (for touch ups and to check out your face), A lip gloss tube, Hairbrush (absolutely essential), money, cards (if you have any that is), pads (for those unexpected moments), tissues, cough sweets and chewing gum -for the moments when you need it most.Dress%20to%20Impress%20in%20School%20Step%204.jpg



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