How to Dress to Play Basketball

Dressing for basketball is fairly straightforward. However, you need to focus on comfort and what the team's rules are with respect to dressing, so try to match both at once.


  1. Get a suitable shirt. Basically, you'll need to get a comfortable short-sleeved or no-sleeved shirt suited for lots of physical activity. Options include:Dress%20to%20Play%20Basketball%20Step%201.jpg
    • The required team shirt. Simple, all you need to do is buy or be given it.
    • A basketball jersey. Try a sports store.
    • A loose singlet. Keep it on the large side, to allow for plenty of movement and airflow.
    • School sports shirt. This can be a good option until you're given a basketball jersey or you get accepted into the team proper.
  2. Get some shorts or skorts. You will need plenty of give in the shorts, so try them on for comfort first. Options include:Dress%20to%20Play%20Basketball%20Step%202.jpg
    • Sports shorts provided by the team.
    • Sports shorts that are in team colors or close enough.
    • School sports shorts until you're accepted into the team.
    • Skorts are simply a version of shorts with a skirt frontage. You may prefer this or it may be required by the team's rules.
  3. Get socks and shoes. Dress%20to%20Play%20Basketball%20Step%204.jpg
    • Socks should be sports length, just coming up to edge of the shoe, for greatest comfort. Get ones that absorb sweat as best as possible.
    • For shoes, choose basketball shoes, joggers or sneakers. Each can be purchases at a sports store. Ask about any special team requirements first.
    • Get spare laces when you buy the shoes. They tend to break with lots of use and it's just easiest to have matching ones to hand.
  4. Get head accessories. These aren't essential but may be helpful depending on your hairstyle and sweat levels.Dress%20to%20Play%20Basketball%20Step%203.jpg
    • Get a head sweatband to help mop up sweat.
    • Use elastic ties and flexible headbands to keep long hair off your face during play. Long hair should be pulled back in a ponytail or braid (plait). Clips may also be useful.



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