How to Dress to Play Soccer

There's nothing like the beat of your heart as you race down the pitch. But you can't score a goal with a dress on! Follow the steps below and before you know it you'll be out there, under the lights!


  1. Wear headbands to keep long hair from falling into your face. A ponytail also works so your hair doesn't go into your eyes and make you fall flat on your face!. Dress%20to%20Play%20Soccer%20Step%201.jpg
  2. Don't wear tight clothes. In soccer you need to be able to move easily, fluidly, and quickly. Therefore, you probably aren't going to want to wear something super tight. Go for shirts that are loose-fitted.Dress%20to%20Play%20Soccer%20Step%202.jpg
  3. Wear shin guards when you are playing, it is one of the rules of the game. After putting on your shin guards, wear some long soccer socks over them which you can buy from any good sports retailer.Dress%20to%20Play%20Soccer%20Step%205.jpg
  4. Get some compression shorts to wear underneath your shorts if you're going to be playing on turf. They protect your guards when you slide tackle, fall, or get pushed against the turf. Without them you are likely to get slid marks up them which aren't too attractive. Dress%20to%20Play%20Soccer%20Step%203.jpg
  5. Wear some pants (trousers) if it's cold outside or you could put some thermals underneath your shorts alternatively. However, if you do wear pants then you will probably want to wear a pair of shorts underneath because once you start moving you'll get a lot warmer and can always take your pants off if you get too hot.Dress%20to%20Play%20Soccer%20Step%204.jpg
  6. Buy a new pair of soccer boots each year at least if you are passionate about the game. Good quality boots cost around $90- $250 if you are willing to pay for them. Dress%20to%20Play%20Soccer%20Step%206.jpg




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