How to Dress to Suit Your Bubbly Personality

You should read this article if you have a really bubbly, friendly personality and want to show that through your clothes. This is a perfect way to dress as this shows confidence and individuality!


  1. Layer clothes on top of each other like a long sleeve shirt under a baggy tee shirt or a waistcoat on top of a shirt. You can even pair a short frilly skirt with leggings. Selena Gomez is a great example of this as she always layers her clothes.
  2. Keep it bright. Go with bright colours and different patterns and writing. If you want to make an outfit stand out you should add something bright with lots of sequins.
  3. Accessorise. Add jewelry, scarves, hair bands, and belts. Don't overdo it though otherwise you'll end up looking like a wacky mix and match sale!
  4. Stay you! You don't need to put heaps of make up on. The odd bit of lip gloss or eyeshadow is ok but don't go overboard! You're unique. Don't try and change what you look like!



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