How to Dress to Suit Your Personality:Country Style

Country%20Briana.jpg Here are some tips on how to dress like a country girl. Feel welcome to change anything if you want and I hope the tips are useful!


  1. Wear boots! Tassels seem in right now as well. If you don't like wearing boots then try pumps but don't wear trainers.
  2. Wear checks and scruffy jeans. You can instantly look like a country girl if you put on a baggy checked t-shirt and worn out jeans. Floral prints are also nice if you want to be more girly.
  3. If you don't like wearing jeans- try dresses. Look at images of Taylor Swift and how she dresses. Pair some brown boots with a flowy white dress and add a brown belt for the perfect look!
  4. Leave your hair down. Its best if you leave your hair looking natural. You could straighten it or put gentle waves in if you want. Wearing a headband all the way round your head practically screams country girl. If you don't want to leave your hair down you can always tie it in a ponytail or plait it as well.
  5. Add a belt to your outfit and some bangles to create the perfect rustic look. Don't overdo the jewelery though, and leave out really sparkly items.
  6. Don't add to much make up. Give your lips a rosy tint by adding a moisturising lip balm, add a little blush to your cheeks and apply a bit of mascara. The main thing is to keep your skin looking fresh and clear, use moisturiser and cleansers regularly.



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