How to Dress up As Catt Lauer

Catt Lauer, Ray William Johnsons's cat-sidekick, is a perfect Halloween costume for anyone with a sense of humor!


  1. Acquire cat ears. You can either make your own, or buy a pair at a costume shop, or Claire's.
  2. Get the clothes. This is easy; all you need is a black skirt or pair of pants, and a black or white top. If you have gloves that are black/white, it's a bonus! Catt also wears a tie, so either buy one or borrow one of you dad's.
  3. Draw yourself some whiskers. All you need is either face paint, or eyeliner. Start a few centimeters from your nose, and draw 3 or 4 whiskers on each side.
  4. Get a microphone. Catt always has a microphone! It is fairly easy to make one yourself, the internet is full or tutorials. Or you can use a PlayStation one.
  5. Don't forget Catt's catchphrase: "Ray, we're here, we're live!". Go around saying that is you're going trick or treating, people are sure to get it!


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