How to Dress up As Cure Marine from Heartcatch Pretty Cure

So you watched HeartCatch Pretty Cure and saw that Erika Kurumi transformed into Cure Marine? You can dress up just like one!


  1. Plan on feeling yourself in a bright blue color. Firmly decide on making the skirt, the dress and the necklace. You may also have a skirt if you want to. Mean if you are 5'4" in height. You can decide if you want the blue blouse outfit or the Cure Marine outfit.
  2. Know the transformation and ending speech. This will keep you to start cosplaying as Cure Marine.
  3. Make it in two methods: go thrift shopping, or you can just design yourself with a help from a fashion designer. You can find the pattern yourself.
  4. Have your cosplay costume ready. To make sure it's ready, use a hair dryer stained your Cure Marine costume in light blue color.
  5. Work with what you have. You would really have a skirt under a white tank top, wrist covers, a long blue ribbon nearly below the skirt, a blue heart necklace and a slanting wig.
  6. Dry your hair. If you wanted to have the Cure Marine hair, make it longer that ever. Take care of it being smooth more like Erika Kurumi's hair as if they were Cure Marine.
  7. If you're really being Cure Marine, but a heart outline in the center of the blouse. It is light blue and shorter.


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