How to Dress up As Galacta Knight

Did you ever wanted to dress up as Galacta Knight for Halloween? well, this is the right place!


  1. Go make the mask.
  2. Wear a dark pink shirt with a dark pink hood and dark pink pants.
  3. Wear plain silver colored shoes (if not shiny, put silver glitter with adult supervision)
  4. If possible, buy a long and thin cone, paint it purple, give it a handle, and color the handle silver. if not possible, buy a toy wooden lance and paint it purple.
  5. Buy a circular shield, paint it white, and draw a big purple cross in the middle of the shield.
  6. Buy and wear horns and put it on the mask. (if not yellow, paint it yellow)
  7. Wear bluish-gray cape for the wings.
  8. Wear white gloves.
  9. Make shoulder guards to know how to make them.
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