How to Dress up As Hermione Granger (Halloween)

Harry Potter fans often describe Hermione Granger as the snobby little know-it-all, but once you dig into the depth of her character, you can get into the smart style too!


  1. Take the time to study Hermione. When you're dressing up as someone like Hermione getting the right attitude is just as important as getting the right style. Observe her body language and the way she speaks.Dress%20up%20As%20Hermione%20Granger%20(Halloween)%20Step%201.jpg
  2. You can choose to dress up as either Hogwarts Hermione or Casual Hermione. Hogwarts Hermione wears black robes, a grey sweater, a white dress shirt, a black knee length skirt, a striped gold and scarlet tie, black knee length socks or stockings and black dress shoes. Casual Hermione wears a variety of things, so it would be best to watch the movies and figure out which of her styles suits you the best.Dress%20up%20As%20Hermione%20Granger%20(Halloween)%20Step%202.jpg
  3. One of the most readily recognizable features of Hermione is her hair. That means you need to make your hair bushy and brown. If you don't have the right hair colour you could either dye your hair or buy a wig.Dress%20up%20As%20Hermione%20Granger%20(Halloween)%20Step%203%20Version%202.jpg




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