How to Dress up As Hermione for Halloween

So you want to dress up as Hermione for Halloween. Read on to find out how to rock your Hermione costume this October!


  1. Find a set of black robes/cloak. This is a part of the traditional Hogwarts uniform.Dress%20up%20As%20Hermione%20for%20Halloween%20Step%201.jpg
  2. Get a red and gold diagonal striped tie. Dress%20up%20As%20Hermione%20for%20Halloween%20Step%202.jpg
  3. Wear a plain white collared shirt under a charcoal black or gray v-neck sweater. Dress%20up%20As%20Hermione%20for%20Halloween%20Step%203.jpg
  4. Wear a plain black or gray school skirt. Dress%20up%20As%20Hermione%20for%20Halloween%20Step%204.jpg
  5. Slip on a pair of black Mary Janes. Dress%20up%20As%20Hermione%20for%20Halloween%20Step%205.jpg
  6. Also, a pair of black stockings or knee-high gray socks is optional. Dress%20up%20As%20Hermione%20for%20Halloween%20Step%206.jpg
  7. If you'd like, you can also wear some foundation, mascara and lip balm. Dress%20up%20As%20Hermione%20for%20Halloween%20Step%207.jpg
  8. Crimp or curl your hair. Hermione's hair is said to be brown and bushy in the books. This should be the main point of your costume, it's how people will recognize you. Without the famous Hermione hair you're just a Gryffindor student, so really make a show of fixing it up. In the movie, Hermione's hair goes from curly, to more wavy. You can try putting curling rolls in for a few hours.Dress%20up%20As%20Hermione%20for%20Halloween%20Step%208.jpg
  9. And then you can add the little extras. You may choose to add a necklace like Hermione's time turner. And you should definitely carry a wand with you and, of course, a few books. Make sure you have a book bag, like Hermione's tan leather one, for when you need a break from carrying everything.Dress%20up%20As%20Hermione%20for%20Halloween%20Step%209.jpg
  10. Have fun trick-or-treating, Hermione! Dress%20up%20As%20Hermione%20for%20Halloween%20Step%2010.jpg



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