How to Dress up As Jason Voorhees

Jason%20Voorhees.jpgJason Voorhees, the masked machete swinging psycho from Friday the 13th is hands down the best killer in horror movies. Want to capture a perfect look of Jason Voorhees? Then keep reading.


  1. Get the staples. You can't be a Jason, without the hockey mask and machete. DO NOT get a real machete, you will hurt someone walking around Halloween night with a real machete. Make sure to get a pale yellow hockey mask, or else you won't be a perfect Jason.
  2. Get the clothes. Jason wears a torn brown jacket, a black shirt (no pockets or designs and which should be torn a little), black normal jeans or work pants, and black dress shoes (don't get sneakers). And he wears yellow leather gloves, that cover his whole hand.
  3. Learn how to act like Jason. Jason is always mute and breathes heavily. Also, he does not run, he always walks slowly. Also, if you're doing anything with the machete (like a prank or a fake fight with friend) make sure you know his fighting techniques like how he disappears then reappears behind him, try to do that.
  4. Add the little things. Remember this step is optional. Take a shower with the costume on, and make it so you seem like you came from Crystal Lake. The shower shouldn't last more than 30 seconds, don't get the shirt that wet and it should be in cold water. Then dry off a little bit, but make sure your still wet. Next add fake blood. Throw it on your mask, like it splattered on to it. Then do it on the rest of your clothes.
  5. Go out and have a fun Halloween! Remember step 3, you need to act like Jason until you take the costume off.




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