How to Dress up Like Rudolph

Christmas%202005%201.jpgRudolph is a character in the movie Rudolph-the red nosed reindeer who saves Christmas by navigating Santa through a tough fog and a blizzard that made Santa deliver presents if you wanna look like the hero just like in the TV show then you might need to follow these simple steps.


  1. Buy plastic reindeer antlers. you can place them on your head later on they also have a headband so it's easy to put them on and take them off and they should also look great on you.
  2. Make some hooves if you don't know what they look. you should be able to make them homemade just paint them black and you are done they should also fit you perfectly when you are going out anywhere.
  3. Find a plastic glowing red nose. if you want to make things bright like Rudolph did you gotta have a red nose you can buy it and put it on your face it also has a strap so you can put it on yourself.
  4. Find a reindeer costume. it can be the same like Rudolph had in the show you can look like him and the eyes on the costume will make you see better.
  5. Get some reindeer gloves. you can look like Rudolph with a pair of reindeer paws that Rudolph had in the movie and you could walk around in them also and look like him.
  6. Be a hero for the sleigh team and Santa. if you are Rudolph you can easily deliver presents by flying in the sky but although you do not have magical powers and you can't fly and act out the scene like in the TV show you may only pretend that you're flying in the sky.


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