How to Dress up a School Uniform

School uniforms are never fun, but you can ALWAYS work around them. Don't be so glum chum! You'll get used to it!


  1. Wear the wide legged version of pants. If your school uniform require you to wear a certain kind of pants, try wearing the wide legged version. This will make your body look nice, no matter if you're tall or small, skinny or big.
    • Skinny jeans also are good if your tall or small, as it shows off your body. Boot-cuts also look polish but are still chic. If you're allowed to wear skirts, look for one that kind of flare out or is full at the bottom.
    • If you can, add some embroidery to your back pockets to add some personality. If they're a little too long, that's perfect! It will make you look long and lean! If you can get capri lengths, go ahead. If your smaller, long and flared are your key words.
    • Add patches to make it look unique.Dress%20up%20a%20School%20Uniform%20Step%201.jpg
  2. Wear pretty sparkly jewels. They always look good and add a touch of glam to your outfit, whether you want the preppy, scene, or emo look. You can also pile on a ton of plastic bangles in outstanding color! It will give your look a funky feel!
    • Consider something in zebra prints will have a scene, rocker, indie feel to them. Anything girly will dress up your look. Silver or sparkles add glam. Sparkly jewels look funky.
    • Long necklaces are very versatile. Bangles high on your arms are unexpected.Dress%20up%20a%20School%20Uniform%20Step%202.jpg
  3. Wear accessories correctly. Don't wear your belt through the belt loops. Wear it over a fitted jacket or at your waist. It's about being different, right? Or you can try a woven belt that sits low for a boho look.
    • Add a ton of skinny belts OVER your shirt. This helps if you want a funky look or scene look. You can also tie a guys tie as a belt if you want the emo or eclectic look. Kitty hair clips and funky hair clips can help you look scene, emo, or eclectic.
    • Get a belt with a big buckle . They ALWAYS dress up the look. Go to a vintage store or ask your parents for some old scarves and make them into headbands or belts! If you can find a belt with a big buckle and chains, that PERFECT for the emo/goth/rocker/tough-girl look. Anything girl will dress up your look. Same with plaid.
    • Pin a brooch on your shirt. If you are going to add leopard, add some solid pieces too. A long sparkly scarf or tie adds glam. A bright belts look fun. Add shape with an embroidered belt.
    • Get a reversible belt. They give you two different looks. Cute hats help in bad hair days. A scarf with fringe tied into a belt make a boho effect. A studded belt brings out your butt. A sequin belt looks dressed up.Dress%20up%20a%20School%20Uniform%20Step%203.jpg
  4. Layer a hoodie or track jacket under your blazer. Again, this helps whether you want to be preppy, scene, emo, sports, eclectic... Just make sure your school allows you to do so.
    • Try wearing a menswear vest over your school shirt. Again, only if there are no rules about it.
    • Make sure your shirt is rather tight and you have on pretty jewelry, as you may lose your shape.
    • Try a trapeze jacket if they are allowed. They're sophisticated, but flirty. If you want, find a really cute vest and wear that on top of you uniform shirt. Shrugs are your best friends, too! they always look nice and add JUST the right amount of fun and cuteness.
    • Consider a jacket or coat in a random bright color. A cropper jacket is perfect. Sporty jackets are also nice.Eppulettes will broaden your shoulders, plus they arr ultra trendy. A denim blazer is very versatile. Paisley prints add a cool boho vibe. Wrap tops/jackets make your waist look thinner.
    • Try one button blazers, since they bring out your waist.Dress%20up%20a%20School%20Uniform%20Step%204.jpg
  5. Get a tote for a bookbag. They look cute, come in many sizes, and still carry your stuff. Try one in a bold, fruit punch like color!
    • Add a chain necklace to it to add personality. Just safety pin it. An over size metallic bag is perfect! It carries your books, but it also look so glam and cute! Anything in patent-leather will take the outfit up a notch. An oversize hobo bag is chic.
    • Add some bright fun charms to personalize your bag.Dress%20up%20a%20School%20Uniform%20Step%205.jpg
  6. Try wearing peep-toe heels, it feels fancier. If you do have to wear certain shoes, like Mary Janes, wear one's that have a heel on them. Flats also always look good. Simple footwear is always nice. Anything rugged looks cool.
    • Sneakers or sneaker flats will look casual. Fun socks are cute and girly, even when hidden in loafers or Mary Janes. Try a high heel with flowers on them, If you can't, then get a clip on shoe accent.Dress%20up%20a%20School%20Uniform%20Step%206.jpg
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