How to Dress up a Teddy Bear in Hip Hop With Chains

Dress%20up%20a%20Teddy%20Bear%20in%20Hip%20Hop%20With%20Chains%20Intro.jpgDressing up teddy bears are cool. Our teddy bears are like our best friends, we sleep with them, play with them and so other cool things a child could have as well as dressing them up like a cool teen only furry.....


  1. Get your teddy bear.
  2. Get your hip hop clothes. Go to a toy store to buy some if you don't have some already. Go for something baggy. Make reference to existing hip hop artists if you're confused.
  3. Get some chains. If you have one, then all you need now is chains. Adding chains in your teddy dress makes it more cool than hip-hop. You can find some chains in a store, or just find a small old chain.
  4. Dress up the bear in the hip hop clothes and think of where you want to put those chains. Sew or clip them on, so they won't fall off.
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