How to Dress up and Act Like an Annoying Big Kid/Pre Teen on Club Penguin

Tip%20the%20iceberg%2038.jpgWant to make a big deal about getting a soft cup bra and all on Club Penguin? This is the article for you!


  1. If you're a girl, dress like normal. Any hair and the color peach; it looks like real skin. Dress up in hoodies (any color) and put some bracelets and/or necklaces. For shoes, put on any sneakers or furry boots. Don't forget the glasses! Any type will do, but none too babyish.
  2. Go to the pet shop. If a family is looking for someone, say (if you're a girl) "is great preteen/big kid". Do the same till you get picked.
  3. Act all nice 'till 30 minutes or so pass by. Then start acting really bad. Be a brat!



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