How to Dress up for a Party

Do you love parties, but you're not really sure how to dress up for one? What if you are shy and just want to make a good first impression? Not to worry - this article will tell you everything you need to know about dressing and generally getting ready for a party. Just see Step 1 below to get started.


Choosing an Outfit and Accessories

  1. Think about the time and location of the party. As all girls know, choosing the right outfit for a party is a very important task. The first thing you need to consider is the time and location of the party, as this will affect everything -- from your clothes and your shoes to your jewelry and makeup!Dress%20up%20for%20a%20Party%20Step%201.jpg
    • If the party is during the day, at a bowling alley or theme park, you probably want to go with something comfortable yet cool, like jeans and a statement tee.
    • If the party is at night, in a fancy restaurant or club, you will probably need to go a little dressier and wear something like a cute dress, a playsuit or a skirt and top combo.
  2. Consider your own personal style. When you're attending a cool party, you want to stand out -- but in a good way.Dress%20up%20for%20a%20Party%20Step%202.jpg
    • So if you want to be unique, you should come up with a cool alternative to the norm that suits your personality but still fits with the vibe of the party.
    • For example, if you're not the type of girl who would normally wear high heels, but you still want to look glam, you could try wearing a pair of bejewelled sneakers instead!
  3. Think about your budget. Can you afford to buy a new outfit, or do you need to work with what's already in your wardrobe?Dress%20up%20for%20a%20Party%20Step%203.jpg
    • If it's the latter, consider combining your existing clothes in new and unusual ways, try layering a couple of tops on top of each other, clashing non-matching patterns or combining unusual fabric -- like a black biker jacket with a pretty silk dress.
  4. Choose your jewelry. When it comes to jewelry, decide whether you want to go understated and classic, or bold and over-the-top.Dress%20up%20for%20a%20Party%20Step%204.jpg
    • For elegant evening parties, things like delicate diamond (or crystal) earrings and pearl necklaces are perfect.
    • For night parties, you can go with bold statement pieces, clash chunky gold and silver chains, or wear large hoop or chandelier earrings.
  5. Match or clash your shoes and purse. Traditionally, women matched their shoes to their purse, but this is no longer the case -- nowadays, pretty much anything goes!Dress%20up%20for%20a%20Party%20Step%205.jpg
    • You can either pick out a color from your outfit (it doesn't have to be the main color) and match your shoes and purse to that, or you can go for a bold color clash.
    • For example, if you're wearing a plain black dress, something like gold shoes and a neon orange handbag could work really well.
  6. Do something unique. After you've taken care of the shoes, the purse and the jewelry, any other accessories you choose to wear are really a matter of personal preference.Dress%20up%20for%20a%20Party%20Step%206.jpg
    • Consider wearing a boho headband, embellishing your hair with fresh flowers, wearing an anklet or an upper arm band, layering on a chunky belt or rocking a funky trilby hat -- it's completely up to you!

Playing Around With Hair and Makeup

  1. Do your own hair. Your hair is probably the next most important thing besides your outfit. Whatever style you end up going for, make sure your hair is freshly washed, so it is easy to work with and smells nice and clean.Dress%20up%20for%20a%20Party%20Step%207.jpg
    • Keep things simple. If you want to keep things easy, try straightening your hair with the flat iron for a simple, sleek look, or try curling it with a curling wand to achieve glamorous, loose waves or pretty, tight ringlets.
    • Try an updo. If you want an updo, consider trying a classic French twist, an elegant sock bun or a chicbraided updo.
    • Experiment with braids: If braids are more your thing, try a French braid, a fishtail braid or braided headband.
  2. See a stylist. If you have the money, you could consider going to the hair salon and getting them to blow dry, curl or style your hair.Dress%20up%20for%20a%20Party%20Step%208.jpg
    • You could even try a new color or an interesting new cut, like a side fringe, a pixie cut or a bob!
    • However, if it's a birthday party you're going to be careful -- you don't want to upstage the birthday girl with your new 'do!
  3. Plan your make up. Make up is the next thing you need to think about -- it's amazing the variety of different party looks your can create! Again, you need to think about the time and location of the party.Dress%20up%20for%20a%20Party%20Step%209.jpg
    • Daytime and outdoor parties will require more of a toned-down look, elegant evening parties can be glamorous and elegant, while fun, crazy night-time parties can be crazy and colorful!
  4. Create a flawless base. The first thing your need to think about is your base.Dress%20up%20for%20a%20Party%20Step%2010.jpg
    • Make sure your skin is clean and well-hydrated, then apply some primer to give you a flawless base.
    • Use concealer to cover up any blemishes, then apply a foundation that perfectly matches your natural skin tone.
  5. Add color. Choose your eyeshadow, blush and lipstick colors based on the type of party.Dress%20up%20for%20a%20Party%20Step%2011.jpg
    • Toned-down, nude colors are best for during the day, while smokey eyes and red lips work nicely for glamorous evening looks.
    • Pretty much anything goes at night! Try bright pink or dark purple lips, neon eyeshadows and glittery mascaras.
  6. Focus on the eyes. Two make up tasks that girls most often have issue with are eyeliner and mascara application.Dress%20up%20for%20a%20Party%20Step%2012.jpg
    • See this tutorial on how to do perfect winged eyeliner and this this tutorial on the correct way to apply mascara. If you're feeling really adventurous, you could even apply false eyelashes!
    • Also, don't forget to tidy up your eyebrows and fill them in with a little pencil -- this can really sharpen your look!

Taking Care of Personal Hygiene

  1. Take care of your skin. Exfoliate your skin in the shower with a loofah or an exfoliating glove.Dress%20up%20for%20a%20Party%20Step%2013.jpg
    • This will get rid of any dead skin and leave your body feeling soft and smooth.
    • Once you're out of the shower, apply a scented moisturizing lotion that leaves you feeling and smelling great -- choose one with a slight shimmer if you really want to get in on the party vibe!
  2. Do any necessary de-fuzzing. This is especially important if you're wearing a skirt or a sleeveless top.Dress%20up%20for%20a%20Party%20Step%2014.jpg
    • You can shave using a razor and shaving cream (but be careful not to cut yourself!), remove hair using a depilatory cream, or try waxing.
    • It is recommended that you book an appointment at a professional waxing salon if you have never done tried at-home waxing before.
  3. Smell delicious. Make sure you smell great throughout the entire duration of the party by rubbing on a little antiperspirant deodorant and some perfume.Dress%20up%20for%20a%20Party%20Step%2015.jpg
    • Apply the perfume to your pulse points -- the inside of your wrists, behind your ears, the inside of your thighs and between your breasts -- for the most long-lasting results.
  4. Take care of your dental hygiene. Floss, brush your teeth and rinse your mouth out with some mouthwash to leave your breath smelling fresh.Dress%20up%20for%20a%20Party%20Step%2016.jpg
    • This should be the last thing you do before you leave -- try not to do any snacking before you get to the party!
    • You should also consider packing some mints or gum in your purse, so you can freshen up when necessary.




chewing gum to freshen breathe is a MYTH , it actually causes glands to over activate, so use breathe mints.besides, i think when people chew gum they look like a cow.

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