How to Dress when You Are a Petite Apple Shape

Being an apple shape is tough but, when you are petite also you have to been very aware of style and structure. Giving an illusion of balanced proportions is the key.


  1. With the top half, because being apple shape you will have a larger abdomen and chest area the key is picking fabrics that skim your body not cling to it. Jersey knit is a fabric that will just hug your abdomen area, you need to pick cottons, rayons, chiffons and silks. These fabric look good but are flowy.
  2. For the upper body you want to stick with small patterns and dark colours. Having details on neckline or sleeves bring the eye upwards. V necks also highlight a nice chest and allow you to add a necklace which will further draw the attention upwards.
  3. Loose knits or boho tops can add style without being too clingy. A-Line tunics also will add appeal and room at the hips. A structured blazer will give you the "illusion" of curves. Shop at petite sections because the length of shoulder and sleeves are shorter than regular sizes.
  4. Layering is a good option as well. Wearing loose cardigans over tank tops can hide some the "muffin top" and again give you an illusion of shape.
  5. On the bottom half, lighter colours will make your legs appear bigger which will balance your upper half.
  6. Pants that are boot cut or slim straight will not draw too much attention and keep the lines simple.
  7. A line dress that flare out or have uneven hems give the slim legs the attention they deserve.  A knee length pencil skirt will create a clean line.
  8. a waterfall cardigan or blazer will elongate the torso and hide the tummy area. Beware of colour wear colours that bring out your skin's glow. Many books are available on the subject.
  9. Alter when necessary one fitted article of clothing is worth ten generic versions.


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