How to Dress with Swag

Swag is a way of dressing that highlights new, trendy, fitted and meticulous clothing in your everyday wardrobe. People who dress with swag have a detail-oriented view of their clothing that ensures they make a statement every time they step out of the house. No matter where you live or what style of clothing you like to wear, you can learn how to dress with swag by following these recommendations.


Make Over your Wardrobe

  1. Adopt a fashionable way of dressing by getting rid of old clothes. The following do not fit with swag dress-sense:Dress%20with%20Swag%20Step%2001.jpg
    • Faded, stained or pilled clothing. Swag clothing should look fresh, like it was just bought and pressed. Faded black shirts, old sweaters and clothes with tears or holes will encourage a messy, rather than fresh, look.
    • Old styles that have not carried on. Remove the items that were from trends several years back and beyond. Keep the things that are considered "retro" and in good condition.
    • Sweat pants, leggings and t-shirts that are old. Save these for your pajamas. Although you can incorporate designer leggings, sweat pants and t-shirts into a swaggy look, they should be brand new from trendy brands.

Swag Research

  1. Research your style through bloggers and designers. Find a few style icons and don't be afraid to copy some of their wardrobe choices.Dress%20with%20Swag%20Step%2002.jpg
  2. Try to develop your own style. Mix your elements into something that you are comfortable with. Experiment with your wardrobe until you hit the style you like.Dance%20at%20Parties%20Step%2003.jpg

Buy One-of-a-Kind Clothing

  1. Go to sample sales. Buy a few discounted items from designers that no one else will have. Choose things that bright, patterned, creative and make a statement.Dress%20with%20Swag%20Step%2004.jpg
  2. Pay attention to the newest trends. Adopt a few new trends every few weeks. You don't want to wear all trending fashions at once, but keep on top of them so you can wear something trendy with each outfit.Look%20Good%20Step%2001.jpg
    • You do not need to spend a lot of money on trendy clothing that will soon change. Go to American Apparel, H&M or a similar store to collect your new season clothes and accessories.
  3. Buy a few designer items. Invest in a designer coat, belt, sunglasses dress, hat or other item that you can wear frequently with some effect. Wear the designer item regularly and replace them next year or season.Dress%20with%20Swag%20Step%2006.jpg
  4. Buy or keep several classics. Invest in good-fitting jeans, neutral-colored shirts, pencil skirts, fitted button down shirts and sweaters that can be paired with designer items to highlight them. You will wear these frequently, so choose good materials that will withstand some wear and tear.Get%20a%20Bartending%20Job%20Step%2005.jpg
    • Get your jeans tailored, if they do not fit right away. Some department stores do this service for free when you buy jeans.
  5. Embrace the fitted style. Men can now wear fitted button-down shirts, suits and pants that give them swag. This is preferable over baggy clothing on both genders.Dance%20at%20Parties%20Step%2004.jpg


  1. Find vintage accessories. Go to thrift shops and vintage stores to find unique jewelry, hats, coats and blazers.Dress%20with%20Swag%20Step%2009.jpg
  2. Buy jewelry. Men and women who dress with swag can wear earrings, necklaces, rings, watches, bracelets and fancy belts. Don't be afraid to wear several types of jewelry or several necklaces at one time.Dress%20with%20Swag%20Step%2010.jpg
  3. Wear gold jewelry. Although silver can create a more classic look, gold tones make a bigger statement. Costume jewelry in gold and rhinestones can instantly increase your swag.Dress%20with%20Swag%20Step%2011.jpg
  4. Invest in stylish shoes. You can wear anything from athletic trainers to pumps to sandals, as long as they look clean.Dress%20with%20Swag%20Step%2012.jpg
    • Wash and shine your shoes regularly. Protect them with a weather guard to make your investment last longer.
    • Get a pedicure if you plan to wear sandals. Well manicured nails and facial hair will improve your swag.

Swag Tips

  1. Wash your clothes gently. Take designer clothes to the dry cleaner to help them last longer.Dress%20with%20Swag%20Step%2013.jpg
  2. Iron your clothes until they are crisp. Do not wear wrinkled clothing.Dress%20with%20Swag%20Step%2014.jpg
  3. Plan your outfits with 1 or 2 designer items and several neutrals. The neutrals will help to showcase your style.Dress%20with%20Swag%20Step%2015.jpg
  4. Accessorize every outfit. Add 3 to 5 accessories with each outfit.Dress%20with%20Swag%20Step%2016.jpg
  5. Pay attention to your hair styles. Choose well-manicured hairstyles over messy styles. Retro hair styles improve your swag.Look%20Good%20Step%2003.jpg


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