How to Dress with "Swag" for Men

So you're most likely here because you want to dress more fashionable or be more popular etc..well you have come to the right place.


Places To Get Clothes

  1. So for stores you can go to places like Zumiez,Tillys,Nike,Etc. ..If you dont want to spend alot of money then it is reccomend going to places like Ross,Tj Maxx Etc..

Type Of Clothes

  1. The type of shirts you want to get for more "swag" is graphic T-shirts with either skater brands such as Obey,Diamond Supply Co,Young And Reckless,DC,Volcom,Element,Etc. ..For the pants it is recommend tan,black,some other color colored skinny jeans but not too tight they should fit a little tight but not too tight the brand it would recommend for these is Levi 511.for socks it is medium nike socks or nike elites of your choice.honestly socks dont really matter unless you are wearing shorts which brings us to our next topic..shorts for shorts they need to cover your knee cap for colors it is would have to go with camo,white,and cargo shorts.For the shoes it is recommended classic all black Vans honestly find a pair of vans that best fit you but it is recommend the all black ones because they match with all colors which is nice.The other shoes recommend is nikes find ones that look good with your outfit youve chosen for underwear wear anything except tight whites.



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